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The purpose of
The Safety Book For Your Family
and Live Safely in a Dangerous World
is to help you and your loved ones lead long
 and productive lives by avoiding accidents.

This information will help every family
member develop Personal Safety Plans,
which are a necessity to deal with
the hazards we face every day of our lives.

If you think accidents are just a remote
possibility for your family, here are the facts:

  • This year over 120,000 people of all ages will die in accidents in the U.S.

  • Over 37,000,000 (about 1-in-8) of us will suffer injuries this year that require professional medical attention. Some of these injuries are life-altering.

  • Lifetime odds of dying accidentally are about 1-in-30 for males, and 1-in-50 for females.

  • Accidents are the leading cause of death for kids, teens, and young adults, ages 1 to 42.

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Live Safely in a Dangerous World (289 pages) is an award-winning e-book that was published as a paperback several years ago. Almost all topics are printed in a two-page format.

The Safety Book For Your Family (142 pages) is an updated e-book version of Live Safely in a Dangerous World. All topics are printed in a one-page format.

Both books have over 125 easy-to-read topics on Driving, Home, Leisure and General, and Kids' safety.

For $7.99 you will receive
both books in a PDF format.

You may then browse the book, copy pages of interest, and highlight important safety tips to develop your own Personal Safety Plan(s).

 (free book samples below)


A unique feature of the books is the use
of light-humored illustrations and true
stories to help get the points across.

  For years, Gail kept her favorite captain’s chair with its comfortable seat cushion beside her kitchen pantry. Not only was it an attractive piece of furniture, it was also perfect to stand on for reaching objects stored high in the pantry. On a stylistic whim, she replaced the flat cushion with a thicker version. The next time she climbed onto the chair, the surprising thickness of the new cushion caused her to lose her balance and crash to the floor, injuring her shoulder and striking her head.



  To keep you and your loved ones safe, you will have at your fingertips over 3,000 safety tips. These tips came from hundreds of safety experts.

 ● You can use these tips to tailor Personal Safety Plans for the safety of every family member.

 ● Safety plans are not static; they must change with the seasons, and as your family and activities change.

Here are some book reviews and awards that show why either book is a must for your family.

  “Cartoon-style illustrations add a touch of light humor to this very serious and practical guide to minimizing the odds of dangerous or fatal accidents… a well-rounded, erudite, and first-rate primer warning of obvious and subtle daily hazards. Highly recommended; careful perusal of the pages could potentially save lives.”

Rated 5 of 5 stars on Amazon by The Midwest Book Review


Book Awards For Live Safely in a Dangerous World

Live Safely in a Dangerous World is a proud winner of the 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, the only award program to ever be honored by Disney.com.

Live Safely in a Dangerous World was selected from over 1500 entries as one of the Ten Outstanding Books of the Year in the 2003 Independent Publisher Book Awards competition.

Live Safely in a Dangerous World was also selected as the book "Most Likely To Save The Planet" in the 2003 Independent Publisher Book Awards competition.

The book won a 2003 Writer’s Digest nonfiction category award.

In addition to the awards for the book, a publisher in China has published a Chinese-language edition.



More Reviews for Live Safely in a Dangerous World



Author's Guarantee:

If you purchase the books and do not like them for
any reason, just let us know. We will promptly
refund your money. You may keep the books.

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Live Safely or The Safety Book Helps
You And Your Family Stay Safe

Click here for more statistics from the National
Safety Council, and how the odds are calculated


This Material Will Also Help
 Your Business Or Organization

More information on how this safety material will help your Company Safety Program is available at another location on this website, Safety Times Reproducible Articles.

At the bottom of that page is a link back to this page, The Safety Book For Your Family.


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