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Keep Employees Safe On The Job And Off The Job

Off-The-Job Safety Quotes
From The National Safety Council's Safety+Health Magazine

"We realized that if we really wanted to have (safety as a culture) on a sustainable basis, we needed to create a value system for off-the-job safety and wellness."

Jim Wick, Intel, Worldwide Environmental Health and Safety Manager (February, 2005)

"Many of these (off-the-job) programs came about because Duncan Aviation understands that workers who get hurt at home bring their injuries to work."

Bob Perry, Duncan Aviation, Safety Director (May, 2005)

"People who make better choices in their own lives will make better choices on the job."

Duncan Highsmith, Highsmith Inc., Chairman (June, 2005)

"We believe that off-the-job safety can definitely contribute to Dow's vision of an injury-free workplace. When people are safe at home they don't have to worry about injured family members. They are more attentive, more productive, and happier."

Diane Biber, Dow Chemical, Global Health Promotion Coordinator (July, 2005)

"John Deere's concern for families, customers, and employees has had a positive impact on productivity and morale, and has helped reduce off-the-job injuries."

Gary Kopps, John Deere, Manager, Occupational Safety Worldwide (August, 2005)

"Off-the-job is one of the next frontiers for safety. When you involve the family in safety we're finding we have a better impact on how workers understand what we're doing; that we really do care about them and their families. We want them safe so they can return to work. At the same time the family also helps to promote what we're doing because they want the worker to be safe at work so they come home every day and provide for them. It's a win-win situation."

Steven Theis, MYR Group, Vice President of Safety (September, 2005)

"In our culture we believe we need to address off-the-job safety. We foster this concept, not only for our employees, but for their families. We feel a real obligation to send safety home. ... Overall, it's just a good feeling that we are doing the best we can to keep our employees and their families safe. We are having an impact on society."

Michael Resetar, Morton Salt, Director, Health and Safety (December, 2005)

"What we have seen is if we emphasize off-the-job safety, these habits reinforce on-the-job safety habits. Then that helps to solidify what we call a 'safety state of mind' that we desire in our workforce. It really just gets them thinking consistently about safe behaviors with good self-awareness." From a corporate standpoint, Dawe said the company attributes its declining health care utilization rates to the focus on off-the-job safety efforts.

Jonathan J. Dawe, Simmons Bedding, Director of Safety, Health Wellness, and Workers' Compensation (March, 2006)

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