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Are You Looking For Easy-To-Use Safety Articles That Will
Help You Reduce On-The-Job And Off-The-Job Accidents?

According to a National Safety Council study:
"Statistical analyses indicate companies promoting
Off-The-Job safety have lower workplace injury/illness rates."


Your off-the-job safety program develops
24-hour safety attitudes in your employees,
which results in fewer on-the-job accidents.

Safety is not a switch employees
turn on when they come to work.


The Award-Winning Material In The
Safety Times Reproducible Articles Will Help You:

1. Reduce your workers' comp cases.
2. Increase your productivity and profits.
3. Help your employees and their families avoid accidents, particularly serious accidents.

The Safety Times Reproducible Articles

How You May Use The 129 Reproducible Articles

Use the articles or excerpts in your publications, bulletins, or paycheck inserts.

You may make as many copies of the Reproducible Articles as you wish for safety meetings, bulletin boards, etc. You may add your logo. Encourage employees to share the safety tips with their families.

Use the 129 articles and 3,000+ safety tips to send e-mails to employees to build safety awareness and 24-hour safety attitudes.

You may set up a website of the articles so employees can access off-the-job safety tips. For example, the driving articles will help parents with teenage drivers.

Send the articles to other safety leaders in your organization.

The text and illustrations are in Microsoft Word format. You can easily excerpt or modify the text and the illustrations. The articles are also available in a downloadable PDF format.


The Reproducible Articles are reader-friendly. A unique feature of the Reproducible Articles is the use of light-humored illustrations and true stories to help get the points across.

   All it took to turn a routine April morning commute into a 98-car nightmare of wreckage and mayhem was a little rain, sudden bright sunshine, and some careless drivers.

   "This is a wreck that just didn't need to happen," said a spokesman for the Missouri Highway Patrol in St. Louis. "The real blame is on people driving too fast for the conditions and following each other too closely in inclement weather. Vehicles were kicking up a lot of mist and causing glare. Someone looked ahead and saw traffic backed up, hit the brakes, and then started to skid. That's how this whole mess got started."

   For about 40 people, the pileup ended in an emergency room. Amazingly, no one ended up in a morgue.

expressway driving


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Over 120 Illustrations and 80 True Stories
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