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Here's Some More Ideas On How Live Safely or The Safety Book
Will Help You And Your Family Stay Safe With Personal Safety Plans

Driving Safety

  The 20 Driving Topics, including a topic on teen drivers, will make everyone in your family a safer driver.  Go over the topics that apply to your daily trips. When you take long driving trips, look at the Long-Distance and Big Truck articles. When the seasons change, read the topics that apply to your part of the country.

Home Safety

  Our homes are as dangerous as our roadways. As many people die at home as die in traffic accidents. The 30 Home Topics will make your home safer for your family and visitors. Poisonings, falls, and fires are the most dangerous hazards. Periodically review the Falls article. At the beginning of the heating season go over several fire and heating safety topics. The special activities around holiday periods require extra vigilance.

Leisure and General Safety

  What are your family's leisure interests? Take a look at the 49 Leisure & General Topics that could apply. A number of water-related topics might be useful to examine as a family. Seasonal activities can be more dangerous than routine activities because we forget some of the hazards involved. Boating, camping, fishing, golf, and skiing are just a few of the topics that are covered.

Child Safety

  As kids grow up, they face new dangers every year. The 30 Kids' Topics will help keep your kids and grandkids safe. Go over the book's age-specific and activity-specific topics as your kids and grandkids celebrate birthdays and develop new interests. A six-year-old faces many different hazards than he did as a toddler. Biking and other activities on wheels deserve special attention.

Teen Safety

  Review with your teen driver the 20 Driving Topics. The information will accelerate their learning curve by making them more aware of hazards they are likely to encounter, and how to deal with the hazards. Other topics in the book will also be of great benefit to your teen.
  Going through these topics will not only be a good learning experience for your teen, but you'll probably learn a few new things as well.


Safety Questionnaire

  Here are 50 Personal Safety Plan questions that Live Safely or The Safety Book will answer for you.


About 3,700 people die in car-truck collisions every year. What are the “No Zones” around big trucks?

Most accidents happen near the home. What are some important city driving tips?

What is a safe following distance, in terms of seconds, behind the vehicle in front?

If you want to place a cellular call while in your car, what should you do?

How do you deal with tailgaters?

What should you do if a collision with an animal is unavoidable?

To help you stay awake, what are some things to avoid on long-distance trips?

What are some steps to take to avoid a road rage incident?

On a rural road, what action should you take if your car runs off the road?

In a small car, what are some tips to help others see you?

How can you avoid hydroplaning on wet roads?


What are some things you can do to avoid falling in the bathroom?

How do you avoid becoming a victim of carbon monoxide?

To avoid choking, what are some foods you should not give to young children?

What are some steps to take to prevent electrocution or an electrical fire?

What are some key things you should do to avoid falls?

If you have a gun in the home, how do you reduce the chances of a tragedy?

What are some key steps to avoid house fires that begin in fireplaces?

How should you handle household chemicals to avoid being overcome or poisoned?

Ladders can be very dangerous. If you must use one, what are some key safety tips?

What are some special safety tips for senior safety?

How do you insure that a teen party is safe?

What are some preventive steps you can take to avoid poisonings, particularly to children?

Leisure and General

How can adults avoid injuries while participating in sports?

When hosting a party, what are some tips to help people avoid intoxication?

To keep your lower back healthy, what should you do?

Most boating fatalities involve an operator who did not perform this activity. What is it?

Cosmetics can be a hidden eye danger. What are some safety tips?

How can you prevent food poisoning in the home, and while shopping or on a picnic?

Thousands of healthy people die every year after surgery. How can you avoid being a victim?

Almost 5,000 pedestrians die after being struck by a vehicle. What are some safety tips?

Getting adequate sleep can help prevent accidents. How can you get a good night’s sleep?

What are some steps to take to avoid being a street crime victim?

Over 3,000 people drown every year. How can you stay safe around water?

Kids' Safety

What are some of the key safety tips every teenage driver should know?

What information should you give to your babysitter before you leave?

What are some facts a babysitter should know before the parents leave?

What action should be taken to avoid scalding a child?

When your grandchildren visit, what special precautions should you take?

What are some safety tips children should know when they use the Internet?

A kitchen can be a dangerous place for a child. What are some accident prevention tips?

If a child must be home alone, what should you do to ensure their safety?

What are some special measures to be followed for backyard swimming pools?

Annually, 350,000 kids go to emergency rooms due to bicycle injuries. What should parents be doing?

What questions should you ask before selecting a childcare provider?

Halloween is the most dangerous day of the year for children. What should parents do?

Before letting a child participate in sports, what questions should you ask?

What safety precautions should you and your children take for backyard and public playgrounds?

How do you help keep a child from being sexually abused?

What does the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend about trampolines?


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